Using downloadable/PDF, web-based, or video case studies are a creative way to reinforce trust in your work and demonstrate your processes. Case studies prove that what you do matters — they show your service or product in action to help convince prospective clients that you're the solution to their needs. 

No matter the industry or size of your business, your case studies should tell a great story to highlight your passion and the results you deliver.











Creating the right case studies that fit your needs​

I'm a curious and analytical writer. This means I ask the right (and the deep!) questions that will help craft the narrative for your case study. 


Here are the steps I follow: 

  1. Goal: We discuss what the case study is for and meter out the appropriate deadlines.

  2. Research & Outlining: I conduct any necessary research, and interview the people involved with the customer/situation that will be the subject of the case study. You provide the approved/consented information I need, like images and contact details, which I'll use to round out the story.

  3. Writing & Delivery: I write the case study and provide the print/presentation design if necessary.​ The style and presentation may vary if it's only for marketing, or if it's part of a submission (like a new business or grant bid). It can be downloaded/printed from your website, or designed as a PowerPoint, video, animation/illustration. 

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